Anonymous Mask & Horror Photo Stickers

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Developer: BrosStudio18

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Anonymous Mask & Horror Photo Stickers

Anonymous Mask Stickers & Horror Stickers is good, scary photo stickers app! Check out these amazing free "anonymous mask", "horror" mask and much more!
“Anonymous Mask Stickers & Horror Stickers” is a simple but powerful photo edit software that helps you add stickers to photos. Within this "anonymous mask maker", you can find a lot of spooky anonymous masks for various occasions. You’ll be surprised on the result!
Be mysterious with the help of our applications. All you need is this photo editing app and a little free time. Create a masterpiece in a sec and amaze all your friends on social networks.

Make scary horror pictures with bloody killer masks and more.You can create your own photo album by snapping pictures with your phone camera and add various "masquerade ball" masks on the images. Want to create something scary or spooky? Our app can help you to do that too! Read more to find out what you can do with our "photo edit app".

BEST FEATURES OF THE Anonymous Mask Stickers & Horror Stickers:

*Download and use our card maker & picture sticker app for FREE.

*Use you camera phone to take pictures or use existing images.

*Various anonymous stickers and masks to choose from.

*Very simple to use. You simply add stickers to photos to make scary photo cards.

*Resize and rotate the picture stickers.

*Add "photo effects" to your photo.

*Add texts to your photo ecards with our photo edit software.

*Save the newly created images and photo ecards to your Albums.

*Share the new pictures to Facebook, Instagram, & Whatsapp.

How to use:

1. Use your phone camera to take a picture or select a picture from Album or other image sources.

2. Rotate, Flip, And Crop the image you have chosen.

3. Add scary movie mask or jokers stickers to the picture.

4. Resize or rotate them until you are satisfied.

5. Add photo effects when you think it’s needed.

6. Add text to personalize your image, maybe a scary, horror, or simple message.

7. Save it to Album or share it through social media of your choice.

Easy isn’t it? The various masks will enhance your images and you can also add text to personalize them. Surprise everyone with your photo wonder and get many likes on social networks. Whenever you are bored or moody, start combining our wonderful effects and various photo stickers and zombify yourself.

Add stickers to photos with our FREE photo editor stickers and make horror cards with our app NOW!
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