Airplane Sky Shooter Game 2020

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Airplane Sky Shooter Game 2020

Are you ready to experience an anti-airplane missile launcher and sky fighting game? If yes then get ready to aim the Bazuka to destroy the enemy's fighter jet which is heading towards the border of the country. So take charge of powerful anti-aircraft shooting missiles to eliminate the enemy's airplane jet and save your camp from enemy troops attack. Shoot rocket launchers at flying fighter jets to blast them in the sky.

In this warplanes shooter game accurately aim at enemy fighter jets and fire missiles to shoot them down. To become the best jet airplane warfighter, aim your missile direction to the point from where the enemy combat airstrikes are coming. Aeroplane vs missile battle can be won if you can strike back against airplane shooting combat.

As an army gunfighter, your mission is to take charge of a powerful air jet shooter and combat airstrikes to destroy your enemy's jet in extreme jet war. Destroy all fighting aircrafts and crash all sky fighter jets during fighter plane airstrike. Complete all your sky jet attack missions to unlock next hunting fighter jets missions.

Features of Airplane Sky Shooter Game 2020:
- It's Free and can be played Offline
- Anti-airplane bazooka for drone shooting battle
- Extreme air rifle for the jet shooting star
- Missile launcher to crash enemy air force
- Endless air strike missions
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