8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays

Version: 1.0.0 (Latest)

Developer: Craft Hero Team

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8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays

8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays the cube nightmare continues. The evil is back. Face those cube hungry robots and find out that they beсame even more scary. Don’t let them get close to you!
Beware of pixel bears, chicken and foxes playing 8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays game!

The Pixel School hired you as a night guard. Did you ever think that your worst nightmare will come true? Those cute robot animals – foxes, bears, bunnies will work here with you. But with nightfalls they turn into creepy monsters. Stay in your secure room and watch pixel creatures with cameras and monitors. Be careful! Use flashlight and remember: those monsters move in the dark. Survive eight nights in school or die.

Don’t forget about electricity. Use a limited amount of electricity per night to protect yourself from robots’ attack closing security doors and using flashlights! As soon as you run out of power , the cameras and monitors turn off, monsters come to life in the dark, and the deadly game of hide and seek begins.! They hide around the corner - all those cube bunnies, foxes and even bears – ready to attack. Seems like a real horror!
Plying 8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays is truly exciting! And it’s free!

8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays features:
• Unusual pixel environment – new locations to hide
• Pixel robot monsters ready to attack.
• Use cameras and flashlights to survive being a security guard
• Realistic pixel school with lots of rooms to explore
• Not 2D but 3D amazing graphics

Try 8 Horror Nights At School - Scary Holidays. One of the scariest pixel horror in the world! Be the one who protects Pixel School from destruction! Destroy creepy hungry monsters. Survive in this horror adventure and be the best night guard in history!
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