2048 Huge

Version: 2.1 (Latest)

Developer: fun.lab

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2048 Huge

2048 Huge is an addictive 2048 Super puzzle game. The goal of the game is to reach the number 2048. Slide the tiles and merge them to reach 2048 tile. You can undo the last move.

You can play with different board sizes. All of them are very fun. You will get addicted!

Free 2048 is one of the best number game from number puzzle games based on number merge. It is popular fun game and a merge of number games, brain teasers games, difficult games and different games. You can play without Internet. Number games for adults are great for relaxing and having fun.

- Different board sizes. Tiny(3x3), Standard(4x4), Big(5x5), Bigger(6x6), Very Big(8x8), Extreme (10x10)
- 3 different unique game themes: Classic, Blue and Spring
- Leaderboard and High Scores.
- Smooth and addictive gameplay.
- Simple and modern design
- One undo option
- Number puzzle games and brain games for adults
- Popular free games and relaxing numbers game
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