Retro Hero Mr Kim : Idle RPG

Version: 6.1.31 (Latest)

Developer: mafgames

85,457 RATING
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Retro Hero Mr Kim : Idle RPG

🐉Idle RPG - Retro Hero Mr Kim is easy to play!
- 🔄 Tired for Tap games? Mr.Kim will auto-farm gold for you!
- 💪 Use auto-farm gold & stuffs for limitless power-up !
- 🐤 Gather pets and 🎭 costumes for massive attack bonus !

🐉Idle RPG - Retro Hero Mr Kim has an unique storyline!
- 🤣 It is made on comics you can unlock, so you can't be bored as another idle games!
- 👨 Non stop dad jokes during AFK : Have you ever seen anything like this in other idle games?

🐉Idle RPG - Retro Hero Mr Kim does not send you back!
- ⚔️ Literally everything gives bonus, so don't worry & be stronger!
- 😵 Still confused? Follow our Speical missions to easy progression & rewards!

Double Check: Yes, you do not need clicker games thing anymore !
No finger breaking taptap 😩! Just hit "Level up" and see what happens 🤩
Enjoy endless progression with 🐉Idle RPG - Retro Hero Mr Kim !

🐉Idle RPG - Retro Hero Mr Kim gives you the world class AFK experience!
- 🌎 2020 Featured RPG on 62 countries worldwide
- 🌟 Over MILLION downloads, 85 thousands ratings, Keep 4 for 5 years!
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