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*** Your beloved translator app ***
*** Cumulative downloads have reached 3.5 million ***

QTranslate is a highly accurate translator app. Translate by text, voice and photo (A.I. Image Text Recognition) are supported. The translation system is powered by the AI - deep learning algorithm, therefore, QTranslate is able to do translation super fast and accurate.

QTranslate is your daily indispensable tool for learning languages, traveling, reading foreign languages and business use.

The main function:
- Text mode: Just type in any languages and translate, that all! Simple to use!
- Travel mode: Use speech recognition as input and do translation, the translated records are show in a chatting box, chats with foreigner in real-time.
- Image Text Recognition: Simply snap and translate.
- Voice function:
- Supports more than 30 languages.
- Supports American and British English pronunciation.
- Supports Cantonese and Putonghua pronunciations.
- Adjustable vocal speed.

- Rarely supports an ancient Chinese language (Wen Yan Wen ), for those who are really love Chinese history and culture.
- "Bookmark" and "History" functions:
- Bookmark any translated words or sentences for quick review later.
- Add note for each bookmark.
- Cloud backup/restore all bookmarks data.
- Instantly share translation results via whatsapp, email, wechat, and more.
- Copy text.
- Paste text.
- User Interface: supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.
- Changeable background theme.
- Supports translation languages: Chinese (Simplified/ Traditional), Wen Yan Wen, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Polish, Bulgarian, Estonian, Danish, Czech, Slovenian, Swedish, Hungarian, etc.
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